Golden Towns game

golden towns bitcoin game

Bitcoin Game Goldentowns is a free is a SIM simulation game. It is a economic and military strategy game, in which the idea is to mine or earn gold by leading the town into utopia. Players have to upgrade their building and build them in the right direction in order to avoid building the same building. They also need to plan every building to avoid wasting valuable resources and energy. Every hour players will be given one energy and one energy is equals to one work. So when plyers run out of energythey can’t do anything but to wait or buy some using their gold.

Bitcoin Game Goldentowns has good quality graphics the sound and music blends while your playing. The best thing about this game is you can earn from it while having fun. You can exchange your earned gold to cash in perfect money and bitcoin. So how can player earn golds in the game? They have to upgrade thier building and roads first then when they have a lot of resources they can build a mine, which will use to mine gold.

Players can use the Market to exchange or buy different resources, buy armies, buy workers, selling of your goods. Players can apply for citizenship with other countries to gain some benefits given by the country ruler.

Members have to login a couple of times a day to develop their town faster and earn those golds. Members also need to have 100 happiness in order to sell in the market. Players can achieve this by upgrading their houses to level 10 and upgrading their production buildings, military buildings etc to level 5. They should focus more on vegetable building because the resources needed to produce vegetables are free, but it is quite cheap when you sell it in the market. Instead of selling vegetables just trade it with other resources.

Building Positions

Building position is very important, it saves you time, money, and effort in the game. Here is the best building position you cam copy to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Town Should Look Like This At Level 3

Strategy for fast goldentowns improvement. Players should upgrade the roads from the market going to your City Hall to allow house upgrades. Always produce resources evertime production is finish. Building should be upgraded alternately t

o produce more resources. When houses becomes level 2 produce workers.

In bitcoin game goldentowns, the number of workers determine the number of works/upgrade/construction. One worker then one work can only be done per a period of time. Ten workers then ten works can be done in a period of time.

Building Position at Level 7

In goldentowns, members have now upgraded the roads to level 4 and 5 and build some house to produce workers. Build another warehouse to have additional storage. Upgraded all the resource building so it can produce more resources. But before upgrading these buildings, build police station building, firehall building and school to train workers to be policeman and fireman to man the two buildings.

Building Position at Level 16

At level 16, players can see the building positions on the map. They should copy the positions of the building because it is vital to building upgrades. Each building has a per-requisite before upgrading. So placing the building like the one on the example helps maximize the space and also the time figuring out where to place them.

Building Position at Level 25

At Level 25 players can build their own barracks and gold mine. Gold mine is used to produce gold in exchange for your resources. Barracks produce army to defend and attack enemies. The building positions are maximize for the best result as for production and leveling up.