CryptoRacers game

cryptorace game for free bitcoin

Bitcoin Game Cryptoracers is a bitcoin Racing Multi-player RPG racing browser game where you can become the top racer and challenge opponents to win their Bitcoin.

To earn Bitcoin by doing different Jobs you first have to pick a job. Different jobs pay different rewards and take longer or shorter than others. Some jobs might pay less Bitcoin and favor Diamonds instead. Pick the best job for you and the occasion, then wait until its ready to finish and claim your reward!

To win a race, start by picking an opponent with a lower spec’s car than yours. The higher your specs are the more chance you have of winning. Oh, but be careful! If you get too confident and challenge users who are much much lower than you, then the other user will notice and end up with a higher chance of beating you! Challenge the right opponents to have the highest chance to win.

Each time you race, you enter a face-off. At the end of the race the first one to cross the virtual finishing line is the winner. The loser’s position is then used to calculate how much the winner receives. In short, the more you beat your opponent, the more you can win from each race.

I know what you’re thinking now. “But the higher the stats the more chance of losing”. There is a sweet spot between your stats and your opponents. It’s up to you to find out what works best for you.

Part Upgrades

If you want to make your car run faster and win more races you have to upgrade some parts of your car. There are many parts that you can upgrade with different prices. You can chose what part and what suit your needs.

Car Upgrades

When you have enough satoshi earned from racing you have the option to buy or upgrade your car. Here are some cards you can buy to make your stats higher and your car faster.

  1. First click play now button below and register on Cryptoraces.
  2. Then Register an account on FaucetHub with your Bitcoin Address.
  3. Register on Cryptoracers with same address which u used on FaucetHub.
  4. After registration click on Day Jobs in top menu.
  5. Choose “Entertainer” job which gives 6 Satoshis per minute.
  6. Earn Bitcoins and Save them in Bank > Vault (So that no other racers can steal them)
  7. Once you collect handsome amount, you can withdraw it in your bitcoin wallet.
  8. Threshold for Cashout on Cryptoracers is 50000 Satoshi. On FaucetHub is 20000 Satoshi.