Free Bitcoin Mining with Eobot

bitcoin mining via eobot

Free bitcoin mining site that gives away free satoshi in their faucets and exchange it for mining power everyday. They give around 200+ satoshi every 24 hours. You can have a lot of hash if you log in everyday to collect your free satoshi. When members log in, a bonus of 1 dogecoin is awarded to their account.

Eobot allows the mining of bitcoin, Litecoin, BlackCoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Reddcoin, BitShares, CureCoin, StorjcoinX, Monero, Counterparty, Stellar, ByteCoin, Peercoin, NXT, and MaidSafeCoin.

Exchange Coins For Haspower

Members can exchange any coins in their account to hashpower by clicking the exchange, then chose the coins they want to convert into hashpower.

Eobot is providing members free bitcoin mining since 2009 and since then every member have been paid. If you want more GHS you can also deposit some coins that they accept and exchange them for mining power.

Amount of Chosen Coins Will Increment

If a member choose to mine bitcoin, then the amount of his bitcoin will increment overtime. The more hashpower the faster accumulation of bitcoin will occur. The increment also affects the price of coins. If the coin is cheaper the increment in that coin will be faster thn the one with the highest price.

The site is paying and payments are almost instant. Here are the minimum payment requirements:

  • 0.002 BTC
  • 100 MAID/GRC
  • 10000 RDD
  • 1g GOLD

How To Earn Free Hashpower in Eobot

Here is a quick guide:

  • Register in Eobot and validated you registration using the email you used in registration.
  • Go to Product then click Faucet. Solve the captcha to get the reward.
  • Go to Dashboard and scroll down, click Exchange.
  • Chose bitcon and Cloud-SHA – 246 to get your free hashpower for the day.
  • Repeat everyday to increase your hashpower.

How To Chose The Coins To Mine

A member can only mine one coin at a time. Choosing a coin is easy just click Mining and a drop down list will appear. If a member choose bitcoin the the active box will be set into bitcoin and it will increment the bitcoin amount.