What is LifeCoin?

lifecoin crypto explained

LifeCoin is a step-counting app that rewards users with LifeCoins for walking. LifeCoins can then be redeemed for gift cards, gadgets, and other prizes. LifeCoin is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

To use LifeCoin, users simply need to download the app and start walking. The app will track the number of steps that the user takes and award them with LifeCoins accordingly. LifeCoins can then be redeemed for prizes in the LifeCoin Marketplace.

LifeCoin is a free app to download, but there is a premium version that offers additional features, such as the ability to earn more LifeCoins per day and access to exclusive rewards.

Here are some of the pros and cons of LifeCoin:


  • Free to download and use
  • Easy to use
  • Rewards users for walking
  • Variety of rewards to choose from


  • Limited number of daily steps that can be tracked
  • Some rewards require a lot of LifeCoins to redeem
  • Premium version offers additional features, but it is not necessary to use the app

Overall, LifeCoin is a fun and easy way to earn rewards for walking. It is a good option for people who are looking for a way to motivate themselves to get more exercise. However, it is important to note that the rewards are not very valuable and that the premium version is not necessary to use the app.

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