Bitcoin has risen in price to 30000 USD

Bitcoin risen to 30k usd

For crypto investors, the penultimate week of October turned out to be one of the most positive over the past few months: the market grew and reached the mark of 1.4 trillion dollars. Bitcoin was the driving force, but some cryptocurrencies rose in price even more.
Over the past seven days, Bitcoin added 10% – the main cryptocurrency of the world ends the week at the mark of 30 thousand dollars. Ethreum added about 5%, the price rose above the mark of 1.6 thousand dollars.

Coins price for today

But if we consider the top 10, Solana has the most impressive plus – it rose in price by more than 30% during the week. Another notable change on the market is Toncoin, which added 13.5% and stopped one step away from the top 10.

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