How to get Debit Card for Bitcoin

debit card for bitcoin holders

Bitcoin Debit Card is plastic card you can use to withdraw bitcoin using an ATM. People who wants to convert their bitcoins usually get a debit card so they can use it mainly to convert their bitcoin to cash and to buy merchandise on an online and offline store using their debit card. Usually cloud or online bitcoin wallets offer debit card to it’s members so the can convert their bitcoin and exchange it money.


Cryptopay is a bitcoin online wallet site that offers members a debit card. It is very easy fund, members only needs to convert their bitcoin into cash, choosing from USD, Pound and Euro. Members have a choice on what card they want. There are three cards to chose from, USD Card, Pound Card and a Euro Card. Each debit card is $15 each and with free standard worldwide delivery.

Standard worldwide delivery would take 30-60 days before a member can get their card. With Express delivery is will only take 2-5 days but a member will have to pay for the transportation fee.

Online since 2013 and serving thousands of members. Cryptopay is one of the most trusted online bitcoin wallet site. With the addition of their debit card the site continue to attract new members until now.

When a member sign up each member will be given 4 wallet addresses. For bitcoin, usd, pound, and euro, each address is unique for each member. Members can transfer their funds in any of the currency stated and provides online converter to convert bitcoin into cash.

Members can use cryptopay online and offline, major payment cards are accepted and can be use international. I.D verification is not required if used within the lower debit card limits. So members can protect their identity and have privacy over their spending.


Xapo is a bitcoin online wallet that offers members a debit card to withdraw cash in exchange for their bitcoin. They also have an online converter which can be use by their members to convert bitcoin into money. Their key feature is their bitcoin vault for extra security against hackers. Members can rest assured that they have a high security and have good protection against DDOS attacks.

Operating as a bitcoin wallet since 2013, Xapo in a stable and legit bitcoin wallet. Debit card cost is $20 and the standard delivery time is 15-25 days. Debit card holders can use their card in any merchants or ATM that accepts Visa. Members can withdraw their converted bitcoin in their native currency and keep track on any transaction they made. Xapo can be use worldwide and converted bitcoin can be withdrawn instantly.